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Confidence in Interviewing

As your “sidekick” throughout the interview process, our mission is to make your interview preparation as easy and effective as possible.

Prep and practice

Question Library and Mock Interview

Practice as little or as many questions as you like, ranging from easy to hard. Test your communication and understanding by practicing a mock interview.
Industry Specific Interview Questions
Recorded Mock Interviews
improve over time

Feedback on Your Performance

Interviewing can be nerve-wracking. You never know if you've communicated the right answer effectively. With performance tracking, you can make sure you've got the right answers and that your delivery was spot on.
Points based feedback so you know where to improve and by how much.
Personalized Improvement plans based on where you are at.
Curated and Tailored Prep

How we support you to get the role

Prepare for Questions

It is not enough to just prepare what you might say to any particular question. You need to understand the why behind every question so that you can not only answer it correctly but show some insight.

This prep is what is going to distinguish you from all of the other candidate and Ace is going to help you do it.

Practice makes perfect

You can practice quietly to yourself all you like but it will not compare to the feeling of being asked the question in the interview. If you want to succeed you need to simulate the reality of an interview as close as you can to the real thing.

Our mock interviews give you the chance to practice the questions you have been prepping and record yourself answering them.

See your performance over time

We help you improve by providing feedback on your mock interviews and suggest areas for improvement. It's like having an interview coach at your fingertips.

Continue to conduct mock interviews and track your performance over time. We'll help highlight areas you need to work on like rambling or using too many filler words and suggest resources to improve.

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Meet our Team

At Ace, we care about getting job seekers hired at the roles that they truly want to land. We believe that with the right resources and support, every job seeker will be able to ace their interview and land their dream role. We can’t wait to see where Ace takes you.
Lauren DeSouza
Co-Founder & CEO
Galen Sprout
Co-Founder & CTO

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